Course Schedule

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Class Topic Quiz Assignment TCLab Activity
1 Course Introduction Install PythonReview: Begin Python
Data Science
2 Simulate Dynamics with Python ODEINT or with Python GEKKOQuiz A Simulate
HIV Infection or COVID-19 Spread
Step Test Simulation
3 Physics-based Dynamic Modeling Quiz BDerive Balance EquationsConvective Heat Transfer
4 Transient Balance Equations Quiz CBlending SimulationRadiative Heat Transfer
5 Linearize Balance Equations Quiz DLinear SimulationLinearize Energy Balance
6 First-Order Linear Dynamics with Dead Time using Graphical Fitting Methods Quiz EGraphical FOPDT FitTCLab Graphical FOPDT Fit
7 Optimize Model Parameter Fit Quiz FParameter RegressionRegression FOPDT
8 Exam Review on Modeling and Dynamics Practice Exam
9 Exam on Dynamic Modeling
Class Topic Quiz Assignment TCLab Activity
10 Control Design Quiz GControl DesignProcess and Block Diagram
11 Proportional-only (P-only) Control Quiz HTank LevelP-only Control
12 Proportional Integral (PI) Control Quiz IAuto Cruise ControlPI Control
13 Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Control Quiz JBlending ControlPID Control
14 Case Study: Level Control Quiz KLevel ControlPI Control Tuning
15 Case Study: Nonlinear System Control Quiz LExothermic ReactorPID Control Tuning
16 Case Study: Disturbances Quiz MType-I Diabetic Blood GlucosePID with Feedforward
17 Valve Design Principles Quiz NValve Design ExerciseHeater Actuator
18 Sensors and Data Acquisition Quiz OSensor Design ExerciseTemperature Sensor
19 Exam Review on Sensors, Actuators, and Controllers Practice Exam
20 Exam on Sensors, Actuators, and Controllers
Class Topic Quiz Assignment TCLab Activity
21 Temperature Modeling Modeling 2
22 Temperature Regression Estimation 2
23 Temperature Control 2 Page ReportControl 2
24 Laplace Transforms Quiz PLaplace Transform ApplicationsImpulse Response
25 Transfer Functions Quiz QBlock Diagrams with Transfer FunctionsBlock Diagram
26 State Space Models Quiz RReactor State SpaceState Space Simulation
27 Second Order Systems with Graphical Fitting Quiz SSecond Order Estimation: GraphicalOn/Off Control
28 Second Order Optimization Quiz TSecond Order Estimation: OptimizationSecond Order Regression
29 Simulation of FOPDT, SOPDT, and Higher Order Systems Quiz UDistillation ControlHigher Order Regression
30 Stability Analysis Quiz VController Stability LimitsP-Only Stability Analysis
31 Cascade Control and Feedforward Control Quiz WCascade or Feedforward Control DesignCascade Control
32 Exam Review on Dynamic Systems Analysis Practice Exam
33 Exam on Dynamic Systems Analysis
Class Topic Quiz Assignment TCLab Activity
34 Control Project Introduction Control Project
35 Optimization Introduction Quiz XControl Project
36 Linear Programming Quiz YControl Project
37 Scheduling Optimization Quiz ZControl Project
38 Nonlinear Programming Quiz `\alpha`Control Project
39 Machine Learning Classification Quiz `\beta`Control ProjectExtra Credit:
12 Data Science Modules
40 Model Predictive Control Quiz `\gamma`Control ProjectExtra Credit:
8 Advanced Control Modules
41 Project Help Session Control Project
42 Final Exam Review Practice Exam
Final Project Report (2 pages) and Presentation (5 min)
Final Exam