Administrative Functions


Navigation, Footers, Headers

  • Edit Tabs to change the navigation.
  • Edit Footer to change the footer section.
  • Edit Header to change the header section.

Equation Example

$$ x_{1,2}=-b\pm\sqrt{\frac{b^2 - 4a c}{2a}} $$

Python Source Code Example

import numpy as np
x = np.linspace(0,50)

with the following optional PARAMETERS:

  • lang=LANGUAGE to select one of the supported highlighters,
  • linenum{=LINE_NUMBER} to enable line numbers and optionally specify styling alternative,
  • linestart=START_NUMBER to specify the initial line number.
  • tabwidth=TAB_WIDTH to set the number of spaces to use for tab replacement(*).
  • header=TEXT and footer=TEXT to surround the source code(*).
  • highlight='LINE_NUMBER1, LINE_NUMBER2,...' to specify the line numbers to point-out (separators are spaces, comma and semicolon).
  • -trim to disable the automatic trimming of source.
  • -link to disable the automatic generation of documentation links(*).
  • -getcode, +getcode to disable or enable the "Get Code"
  • id=ID, class=CLASS to overload default styles definitions

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