Machine Learning Resources

This engineering course reviews theory and applications of machine learning to engineering applications with a survey of unsupervised and supervised learning methods. This course is an introduction that focuses on providing a working vocabulary of common methods and enables students to navigate the many online resources to put the information in context. This list of resources is not meant to be exhaustive.

Introduction to Programming

AutoML and Deployment

Optimization Courses

Machine Learning Courses

Books and Online Articles

Case Studies and Competitions

Industrial Applications

Related Topics

  • Engineering-specific programming (Python, Matlab) with treatment of numerical methods.
  • Machine Learning for Engineers: building mathematical models for classification and regression based on training data to make empirical predictions or decisions.
  • Cybersecurity for Engineers: assessing and mitigating risks from computer-based adversarial attacks on engineered systems.
  • Data Science: using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from data.
  • Data Visualization: creating graphical representations of data to extract insights.
  • Internet of Things: building cyber-physical systems that connect microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, and other embedded devices. Includes mechatronics, embedded systems, distributed systems, and networking.
  • High Performance Computing: programming high-performance computers (e.g., supercomputers, cloud computing) to tackle computationally-intensive engineering problems.

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