Join Online Course with WebEx

Cisco WebEx is used to host the online course sessions. The sessions are active Jan 9, 2018 through April 17, 2018 on Tuesday and Thursday, 3-4 PM Mountain time. The course is also held at BYU but these sessions are not broadcast. There are many options to connect to the WebEx session from a cell phone, computer, video conference system, or audio only.

Join from a Computer

Select the link below to join the meeting from a computer.

A WebEx account is not required to join the course and a correct e-mail is not required ( also works). Any screen name is also allowed. When prompted, enter the meeting number and meeting password (if prompted).

  • Meeting number (access code): 629 999 122
  • Meeting password: dynopt2018

Most browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and others) are compatible with Cisco WebEx. There is an option to view the session from the browser or to install a browser plug-in. If you join the session from the browser, you cannot share your screen with others in the class.

Sometimes the instructor will screen share and other times a student will share their screen to receive help. Participants can also pass control of keyboard and mouse inputs to another in the session. Control is regained by pressing "Esc". The presenter privilege can be passed to anyone on the WebEx session. The presenter must select which screen to share with others.

Join from a Cell Phone

To join the meeting from a cell phone such as an iPhone or Android, download the Cisco WebEx app from:

The app is also available from other mobile platforms as well. Once the app is open, enter the meeting number and password (if required) to join the session.

  • Meeting number (access code): 629 999 122
  • Meeting password: dynopt2018

Join with Audio Only

If your Internet connection is not sufficiently fast for screen sharing, you can join the session with Audio-only. Below are access numbers for the WebEx session for USA or international participants. Please note that the numbers are not toll-free and you may incur charges associated with making a long-distance connection. There is no charge from Cisco WebEx for the call, only from a local carrier to make the connection.

  • USA +1-510-338-9438
  • AUSTRALIA +61-2-8317-5554
  • AUSTRIA +43-720-815331
  • BELGIUM +32-2-895-39-97
  • CANADA +1-647-484-1599
  • CZECH (REP) +420-296-180-455
  • DENMARK +45-32-72-59-97
  • FINLAND +358-9-85677821
  • FRANCE +33-1-73-44-32-79
  • GERMANY +49-69-257367269
  • HONG KONG +852-3008-1542
  • HUNGARY +36-1-999-3985
  • IRELAND +353-1-526-8385
  • ITALY +39-02-30578298
  • JAPAN +81-3-4510-5878
  • LUXEMBOURG +352-2-787-0191
  • NETHERLANDS +31-20-798-91-47
  • NEW ZEALAND +64-9-280-5247
  • NORWAY +47-21-93-37-88
  • POLAND +48-22-295-38-88
  • RUSSIA +7-495-108-02-51
  • SINGAPORE +65-3157-3058
  • SOUTH AFRICA +27-11-0308395
  • SPAIN +34-935-452-898
  • SWEDEN +46-8-505-352-88
  • SWITZERLAND +41-44-575-02-85
  • UK +44-20-3198-8144

When requested to input a meeting number, enter the meeting number.

  • Meeting number (access code): 629 999 122

Video Conference System

Video conference systems are also available for connection to the online course. Dial or dial and enter the meeting number: 629 999 122.

Manage Microphone

When you have connected to the WebEx session, you will be in the meeting space with many other participants. It is very important to mute your microphone when there are many participants. An administrator can also mute or unmute your microphone. If your microphone is muted by the administrator, the icon next to your name turns red. You can unmute the microphone at any time.

Chat Window

There are chat capabilities within the WebEx app. You can direct a chat message to an individual or else direct the message to everyone in the meeting. The chat window is a good way to make a comment or ask a question, especially if your microphone is not working.

Recording of Session

WebEx allows the meeting to be recorded. An MP4 video file or YouTube link of the class sessions will be available for many of the class sessions.

Test Session

A test session is available from Cisco WebEx to check browser compatibility and install any required plug-ins before the session. The test meeting is available from

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