Course Registration

The machine learning and dynamic optimization course is January 19-April 13, 2021 and you can Join Online. It was previously offered in 2015-2019. The course includes three sections on:

  • Create a Digital Twin / Modeling
  • Estimation / Machine Learning
  • Control / Optimization

In addition, students complete two course projects:

There is a certificate for those who complete the course. Each section is 3-4 weeks for the online course and an abbreviated 1 day (8 hour) schedule for each section is in the short course. The online course has a mid-term exam for those who complete the first two sections and a final exam for those who complete all sections.

Due to the number of students who register but do not complete the course, Google Classroom accounts will be made available one week after the course starts for those who have completed the first activity on Data Science (12 Modules). Students can follow the course schedule independently even without a Google Classroom account but will not be able to turn in the assignments or have access to the exams.