Optimization Course Schedule

Jan 7-11Introduction to OptimizationChap. 1Optimization Basics due 3 PM on 11 Jan
Jan 14-18Modeling ConceptsChap. 2Two Bar Truss due 3 PM on 18 Jan
Jan 21-25Modeling ConceptsChap. 2Spring Design due 3 PM on 25 Jan
Jan 28-Feb 1Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Heat Integration or Slurry Pipeline (your choice) due 3 PM on 1 Feb
Feb 4-8Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Quiz #1
Feb 11-15Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Project #1 Due
Feb 18-22Discrete OptimizationChap. 4Search Directions due 3 PM on Feb 22
Feb 25-Mar 1Discrete OptimizationChap. 4Discrete Design due 3 PM on Mar 1
Mar 4-8Genetic AlgorithmsChap. 5Simulated Annealing due 3 PM on Mar 8
Mar 11-15KKT EquationsChap. 6Mid-Term Exam
Mar 18-22Constrained AlgorithmsChap. 7KKT Conditions due 3 PM on Mar 22
Mar 25-29Constrained AlgorithmsChap. 7Interior Point Method due 3 PM on Mar 29
Apr 1-5Robust DesignChap. 8Dynamic Estimation due 3 PM on Apr 5
Apr 8-12Dynamic OptimizationChap. 9Quiz
Apr 15Presentations Project #2 Due
 Final Exam  
  • Schedule subject to change