Optimization Course Schedule

1Introduction to OptimizationChap. 1Optimization Basics and Optimize with Python
2Modeling ConceptsChap. 2Two Bar Truss
3Modeling ConceptsChap. 2Spring Design
4Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Heat Integration or Slurry Pipeline (your choice)
5Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Quiz #1
6Unconstrained OptimizationChap. 3Project #1
7Discrete OptimizationChap. 4Search Directions
8Discrete OptimizationChap. 4Discrete Design
9Genetic AlgorithmsChap. 5Simulated Annealing
10KKT EquationsChap. 6Mid-Term Exam
11Constrained AlgorithmsChap. 7KKT Conditions
12Constrained AlgorithmsChap. 7Interior Point Method
13Robust DesignChap. 8Dynamic Estimation
14Dynamic OptimizationChap. 9Quiz
15Presentations Project #2
 Final Exam  
  • Schedule subject to change