Programming for Engineers Schedule

Class Topic HW GitHub
Excel with Python Introduction
1 Course Intro and Excel basics HW1CL1
2 Functions and graphs HW2CL2
3 Solutions to equations HW3CL3
4 Curve fitting and data analysis HW4CL4
5 Numerical ODEs HW5CL5
6 Functions and Macros HW6CL6
7 Excel Mid-Term Exam
Python Programming
8 Python introduction IntroTCLab
9 Functions and Conditionals HW7CL7
10 Arrays and Loops HW8CL8
11 Project Intro and Plotting HW9CL9
12 TCLab Data Plotting HW10CL10
13 Debugging HW11CL11
14 File I/O and Data Analysis HW12CL12
15 Python Mid-Term Exam 1 ReviewCLR
16 Classes HW13CL13
17 Solve linear and nonlinear equations HW14CL14
18 Integrals, Interpolation HW15CL15
19 Differential Equations HW16CL16
20 Symbolic Derivatives HW17CL17
21 Course Project A TCLab ACLA
22 Python Mid-Term Exam 2 ReviewCLR
23 Course Project B TCLab BCLB
24 Course Project C TCLab CCLC
Final Final Exam