Quiz: Python Debugging

1. What is an IDE for programming?

A. I Don't knowE
B. Integrated Development Environment
Correct. An IDE typically has a text editor, file list in a project structure, debug capability to step through code, syntax highlighting, function documentation, and other features to help with programming specifics.
C. Integrated Drive Electronics

2. What are common programming environments for Python? Select all that apply.

A. Jupyter Notebook
Correct. Jupyter notebooks run through a web-browser interface with code and markdown (comment) cells.
B. Python script with .py extension
Correct. Python programs with a .py extension can be run from a command prompt with python program_name.py
C. VSCode with Python or Notebook Extension
Correct. VSCode can run Python and many other programming languages. The language is configured the first time a .py (python) or .ipynb (IPython notebook) is opened in VSCode.
D. Spyder
Correct. Spyder is an IDE that is packaged with the Anaconda distribution.
E. PyCharm
Correct. Python IDE available from JetBrains.

3. Which types of errors are easier to identify?

A. Syntax programming errors
Correct. The Python interpreter can typically pinpoint the location in the code or nearest line (missing parenthesis, misspelled functions) where there is an error.
B. Logical programming errors
Incorrect. Logical errors are not typically caught by the program because it often runs to a successful, yet incorrect, result.