Quiz: Interpolation and Regression

1. Given the following data:

  x, y
  0, 2
  1, 1

What is the predicted y value with a linear interpolation of the data at x=0.5?

A. 0.25
B. 0.5
C. 1.5
D. 2.0

2. What is a module for nonlinear regression in Python?

A. numpy.polyfit
Incorrect. The polyfit function creates a polynomial regression of data.
B. scipy.optimize.curve_fit
Correct. Scipy.optimize package has a minimize and curve_fit function for nonlinear regression. Gekko is another Python package for optimization and regression.
C. numpy.optimize
Incorrect. Numpy does not have an optimization function.

3. What is a Python function that can find solutions to nonlinear equations?

A. matplotlib.fsolve
Incorrect. This package is used to create plots.
B. numpy.optimize.fsolve
Incorrect. Numpy is a base numerical Python package for other packages such as Scipy.
C. scipy.optimize.fsolve