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** Hybrid models: mixed of empirical and first principles
** Hybrid models: mix of empirical and first principles
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* [[Attach:2013_Reactor_Design.pdf|Reactor Design]]
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* [[Attach:2013_Rocket_Fin.pdf|Rocket Fin Design]]
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* [[Attach:2013_Synthetic_Diamond.pdf|Synthetic Diamond Anvil]]
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* [[Attach:2013_Masonry_Shear_Wall.pdf|Masonry Shear Wall]]
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* [[Attach:2013_Concrete_Beam.pdf|Concrete Beam]]
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* [[Attach:2013_Snow_Ski_Design.pdf|Snow Ski Design]]
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!!!! Application Reports
!!!! Optimization Problem Statements
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!!!! Application Reports

* [[Attach:2013_Bolt_Pattern.pdf|Bolt Pattern]]
* [[Attach:2013_Building_Design.pdf|Building Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Catalyst_Design.pdf|Catalyst Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Chemical_Reactor_Design.pdf|Chemical Reactor Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Knee_Simulator.pdf|Compliant Knee Simulator]]
* [[Attach:2013_Window_Shutters.pdf|Compliant Window Shutters]]
* [[Attach:2013_Drone_EMI_Shielding.pdf|Drone Aircraft EMI Shielding]]
* [[Attach:2013_Fin_Array_Heat_Sink.pdf|Fin Array Heat Transfer]]
* [[Attach:2013_Flying_Wing.pdf|Flying Wing]]
* [[Attach:2013_Flywheel_Design.pdf|Flywheel Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Helical_Spring.pdf|Helical Spring]]
* [[Attach:2013_Turbo_Fan_Exhaust.pdf|Jet Engine]]
* [[Attach:2013_Refinery.pdf|Refinery Production]]
* [[Attach:2013_Sprinklers.pdf|Sprinkler System Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Trebuchet_Design.pdf|Trebuchet Design]]
* [[Attach:2013_Turbomachinery_Efficiency.pdf|Turbomachinery Efficiency]]
* [[Attach:2013_Water_Heater.pdf|Water Heater]]

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** Can include discrete variables (MINLP)
** Can include discrete variables (MILP, MIQP, MINLP)
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(:title Application Project:)
(:keywords project, nonlinear, optimization, engineering optimization, engineering design, interior point, active set, differential, algebraic, modeling language, university course:)
(:description Project design problem of the student's own creation. Optimization principles are used to design the system.:)

The first project for this course is similar in scope and size as the prior homework problems but is of the student's own creation. The project should have the following characteristics as general guidelines:

* Involve an application from engineering
* Preferably involve an application from prior work experience or current research interests
* Problem size guidelines
** 3-10 design variables
** 10-50 equations
* Problem type guidelines
** Continuous variables preferred (LP, QP, NLP)
** Can include discrete variables (MINLP)
** Empirical equations
** Equations from first principles
** Hybrid models: mixed of empirical and first principles

For the project report, turn in the following content:

# A 2-3 page write-up of the problem in a way that a student can solve the problem in 1-2 hours. Include figures, equations, and problem background sufficient to allow an engineer from any discipline to be able to understand and formulate the mathematical model and solve the optimization problem. If the project builds upon another problem, include the relevant citation in the project write-up.
# A copy of the solution key with the optimal solution, relevant contour plots, a description of the meaning of the results, and any other relevant information.
# A copy of the source code used to generate the solution.

The project reports will be graded on originality, technical difficulty, clarity of the problem statement, accuracy of the solution, description of the solution, and professionalism of the report.

Attach:group50.png This assignment can be completed in groups of three. Additional guidelines on individual, collaborative, and group assignments are provided under the [[Main/CourseStandards | Expectations link]].


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