Webinars consist of applications and tutorials in mathematical modeling, estimation, and optimization. The sessions are hosted with WebEx with interactive chat, video conferencing, and remote computer desktop sharing. Each of the sessions is recorded and later posted online. Sessions are sponsored by the Computing and Systems Technology (CAST) division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) as the WebCAST series.

Topic Date / Time Presenter Affiliation
Progress and Challenges in Equation Oriented Dynamic Modeling Add to Calendar 09-06-2015 09:00:00 09-06-2015 10:00:00 9 Symposium on Modeling and Optimization Join Webinar at http://apmonitor.com/wiki/index.php/Main/ApplicationWebinars WebEx John Hedengren support@apmonitor.com false
June 9, 2015
11 AM Eastern
Jeff Renfro Honeywell Process Solutions
Apps for Chemical Engineering Education Add to Calendar 08-09-2015 09:00:00 08-09-2015 10:00:00 9 Symposium on Modeling and Optimization Join Webinar at http://apmonitor.com/wiki/index.php/Main/ApplicationWebinars WebEx John Hedengren support@apmonitor.com false
Sept 8, 2015
11 AM Eastern
Jason Bara University of Alabama

To participate in an upcoming presentation, click the link above to join the WebEx session. There is no charge to join the webinar and Windows, Linux, iOS, and mobile platforms are supported. Users can participate via audio or video conference through a telephone or internet connection. Presentations are recorded and posted to YouTube as is the case with many of the past sessions shown below.

Past Presentations

Topic Presentation Date Presenter Affiliation
Modeling for Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing May 19, 2015 Marianthi Ierapetritou Rutgers University
Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Industrial Polymerization Process Feb 24, 2015 Rahul Bindlish Dow
From the Nanometer Scale to the Oilfield: Applying Fundamental Asphaltene Research AIChE ChemE On Demand Feb 4, 2015 Michael Hoepfner University of Utah
Advances in Chemical Production Scheduling Jan 27, 2015 Christos Maravelias University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dynamic Emulsion Characterization AIChE ChemE On Demand Jan 21, 2015 Clint Aichele Oklahoma State University
GREENSCOPE A Comprehensive and Systematic Sustainability Evaluation Tool for Chemical Processes Dec 2, 2014 Raymond L. Smith Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Dynamic Modeling and Optimization Advances with gPROMS Oct 14, 2014 Pieter Schmal PSE
Control of Artificial Pancreas Systems Sept 16, 2014 Ali Cinar Illinois Institute of Technology
Structured Optimization Modeling with Pyomo and Coopr June 24, 2014 John Siirola Sandia National Laboratories
Better Optimization of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems (BONUS) Algorithm for Large Scale Real World Stochastic Nonlinear Programming Problems June 17, 2014 Urmila Diwekar Vishwamitra Research Institute
The Nexus of Energy and Water May 28, 2014 Michael Webber The University of Texas at Austin
Meters to Models: Using Smart Meter Data to Predict and Control Home Energy Use Apr 15, 2014 Krystian Perez University of Texas at Austin
Multi-echelon Supply Chain Inventory Optimization Mar 25, 2014 Anshul Agarwal Dow Chemical
Parallel Computing and Opportunities in Nonlinear Optimization Mar 11, 2014 Carl Laird Purdue University
Global Optimization of MINLP by Evolutionary Algorithms Feb 25, 2014 Martin Schlueter Hokkaido University, Japan (MIDACO)
Industrial Flowsheet Optimization and Estimation using IMPL Feb 18, 2014 Jeffrey Kelly Industrial Algorithms
Feedback Control of
Stochastic Self-Assembly
Feb 11, 2014 Martha Grover Georgia Tech
New Interface Developments
with the AMPL Modeling Language & System
Jan 28, 2014 Robert Fourer Northwestern University
Stochastic Optimal Control for Gas Networks Jan 21, 2014 Victor Zavala Argonne National Laboratory
Process Integration & Optimization Using Dynamic Systems Models
Jan 14, 2014 Richard Boardman
Humberto Garcia
Idaho National Laboratory
A Dynamic Optimization Framework with Economic MPC for Energy Capacity Planning Dec 3, 2013 Jose Mojica Brigham Young University
Multicomponent Prediction Methods for Hanford Nuclear Waste Nov 19, 2013 Jacob Reynolds Washington River Protection Solutions
Advanced Deep Water
Monitoring Systems

Nov 7, 2013 David Brower Astro Technology, Inc.
Improved Grid Management through Predictive Residential Air Conditioning Control Oct 31, 2013 Wesley Cole The University of Texas at Austin
Tuning the Static and Dynamic Performance of Microchannel Reactors Oct 22, 2013 Richard Pattison
Michael Baldea
The University of Texas at Austin
Leapfrog Applications in APC and Plant Optimization Oct 15, 2013 Anand Govindarajan
R. Russell Rhinehart
Oklahoma State University
Tutorial on Bayesian Approaches for State and Parameter Estimation Oct 8, 2013 Bhushan Gopaluni University of British Columbia, Vancouver
Prospects and Challenges
for Olefins Production

Speaker Introduction

Discussion Topics
Oct 3, 2013 Mark Darby
Doug Nicholson
Judson Wooters
Richard Hughes
CMiD Solutions
APEX Optimization
Chevron Phillips
Future Polygeneration Systems Sept 24, 2013 Thomas Adams, II McMaster University
Research and Careers in Reservoir Engineering Sept 10, 2013 Hugh Hales Brigham Young University
Monitoring, Control, and Optimization of Energy Infrastructure Aug 26, 2013 Reza Asgharzadeh Shishivan Brigham Young University
Dynamic Optimization of
a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
July 2, 2013 Lee Jacobsen ExxonMobil Chemical
Stimulation Optimization of Unconventional Resources Jan 18, 2013 Marisela Sanchez-Nagel Itasca Houston, Inc
Efficient Surrogate Model Generation Nov 13, 2012 John Eason and Selen Cremaschi Univ of Tulsa
Fast NMPC and MHE tools Nov. 6, 2012 Milan Vukov
Moritz Diehl
KU Leuven
Proactive Energy Management Strategies for Buildings Oct. 23, 2012 Cara R. Touretzky
Michael Baldea
UT Austin
Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming

Oct. 2, 2012 Wesley Cole

Jeremy Castagno
UT Austin

Generalized Disjunctive Programming Sept. 18, 2012 Juan Ruiz Visual MESA
MPECs in Integrated Energy Storage, Forecasting, and Optimization

Sept. 4, 2012 Kody Powell UT Austin
Mars Curiosity

Aug. 30, 2012 Todd Barber NASA JPL
MHE for UAVs

Aug. 29, 2012 Liang Sun BYU
DAE Solution for Separation Processes July 17, 2012 David Harney BASF
Predicting Protein Structures Presentation May 22, 2012 Jose Mojica
Reza Asgharzadeh
Thomas Knotts
Josh Price
Optimization of Design Under Uncertainty
Download example application
Presentation May 8, 2012 Casey Abbott BYU
SBML Models in APM Presentation
Slide Notes
April 23, 2012 David Grigsby BYU
Fast Model Predictive Control Presentation April 3, 2012 Trevor Slade
Reza Asgharzadeh
Optimal Boiler Control - Demo Files Presentation March 20, 2012 Jose Mojica BYU
Optimal Identification for Model Predictive Control Presentation March 13, 2012 Mark Darby CMiD Solutions
Thermal Oxidizer Boundary Value Management / InBound Presentation 1
Presentation 2
March 6, 2012 Reza Asgharzadeh
Chris Lyden
Jim Huff
Nonlinear Programming with APM MATLAB Presentation February 21, 2012 John Hedengren BYU
Nonlinear Programming with APM Python Presentation February 7, 2012 John Hedengren BYU
Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Modeling and Control Presentation January 24, 2012 Lee Jacobsen BYU
Aerial Vehicle Control for Drogue Following Presentation January 17, 2012 Solomon Sun BYU
Dynamic Energy Storage Presentation December 13, 2011 Kody Powell UT Austin
Virus and Biological Modeling Presentation November 29, 2011 Casey Abbott BYU
Friction Stir Welding Presentation November 15, 2011 Dustin Marshall BYU