APMonitor Online

The APMonitor Online interface is accessed on the web from the following link:

Online Web-based Interface

Available Servers for Application Hosting

MATLAB or Python scripts can use any of the following servers to run optimization problems. To change the server, simply adjust the name near the top of the script. For example, in Python the following is used to declare the server name for the optimization calculations

Also, note that some of the servers are hosting older versions (ATI) while some of the servers are used for development (BYU) and may not always be available. The most stable production servers are and

Please contact if you are interested in hosting an APMonitor server as either a Linux or Windows based operating system.

Account Registration

Register for an account at:

To request a new account, enter an e-mail account address under New Account Registration. After logging in to the on-line interface, a list of applications and administrative functions are displayed.


Upload Files

The upload selection allows files to be sent to the server. These include the essential system files such as the model file (APM), information file (INFO), and data file (CSV). All other files are automatically generated when APMonitor is run for the first time.

View, Edit, Save Files

Files can be viewed, edited, or saved by selecting the appropriate file and function button. The Save option allows a user to retrieve the essential files for command line execution. The files can be saved individually or sent to an e-mail address.


Information Icon

The information icon is a link to the documentation for the application. The documentation is presented in wiki format to allow users to review and edit the information.

Engineering Icon

The engineering icon is a link to an advanced configuration page. This page displays detailed information about the application and allows the user to change DBS options.

The engineering view also allows the user to display trends of measurements and model results. The controlled variables also include the desired trajectory information.


Run Applications

Applications are started and stopped from the schedule column. The user has the option to run once with the Run Now option or to run the application at a regularly scheduled frequency. Valid options are once every 1 minute to once every 12 hours.

Stop Applications

A scheduled application can be unscheduled with the Stop application button. Scheduled applications are listed under Scheduled tasks at the bottom of the page.

Administration Functions

Refresh Page

An auto-refresh is configured to refresh the page every 20 minutes. The user can select the refresh button to force a page refresh.

Create Application

The Create dialog box and button allow new applications to be generated. Once the application is generated, the essential files can be uploaded.

Remove Application

The Remove selector lists all available applications. In the event that an application is inadvertently deleted, it can be recovered from a stored zip file on the server.

New Executable

When a new APMonitor executable is available, the server copy can be updated with the New EXE function. This function allows the user to select the executable file and upload it to the server.

Account Logoff

Select Account Logoff to clear the browser cookie of APMonitor login information. This prevents other computer users from accessing the account information.

Reboot Server

The Reboot Server button causes the server to be restarted. This will cause all applications to momentarily stop. Any scheduled applications will immediately resume at the scheduled frequency once the server is restarted.