Data Science 🐍 Python Course

Welcome to an introduction to data science. There are 12 learning modules. The final project of the is to do the data analysis to estimate thermal conductivity. If you are just starting Python, try the Begin Python first.

The 12 modules are a step-by-step guide through the basics of data science.

  1. Overview
  2. Data Import and Export
  3. Data Analysis
  4. Visualize Data
  5. Prepare (Cleanse, Scale, Divide) Data
  6. Regression
  7. Features
  8. Classification
  9. Interpolation
  10. Solve Equations
  11. Differential Equations
  12. Time Series

They give the skills needed to work on the final project. In the final project, metal coins, plastic, and cardboard are inserted in between the two heaters so that there is a conduction path for heat between the two sensors. The temperature difference and temperature levels are affected by the ability of the material to conduct heat from heater 1 and temperature sensor `(T_1)` to the other temperature sensor `(T_2)`.

You may not always know how to solve the problems initially or how to construct the algorithms. You may not know the function that you need or the name of the property associated with an object. This is by design. You are to search out the information that you might need using help resources, online resources, textbooks, etc.

You will be assessed not only on the ability of the program to give the correct output, but also on good programming practices such as ease of use, code readability and simplicity, modular programming, and adequate, useful comments. Just remember that comments, indentation, and modular programming can really help you and others when reviewing your code.

Temperature Control Lab

The projects are a review of all course material with real data from temperature sensors in the Temperature Control Lab (TCLab). The temperatures are adjusted with heaters that are adjusted with the TCLab. This lab hardware is also used in the Process Dynamics and Control Course and the Dynamic Optimization Course.