Programming for Engineers Schedule

Class Topic Quiz Solutions GitHub
Excel with Python Introduction
1 Course Intro and Excel basics Q1 HW1CL1
2 Functions and graphs Q2 HW2CL2
3 Solutions to equations Q3 HW3CL3
4 Curve fitting and data analysis Q4 HW4CL4
5 Numerical ODEs Q5 HW5CL5
6 Functions and Macros Q6 HW6CL6
7 Excel Mid-Term Exam
Python Programming
8 Python introduction IntroTCLab
9 Functions and Conditionals Q7 HW7CL7
10 Arrays and Loops Q8 HW8CL8
11 Project Intro and Plotting Q9 HW9CL9
12 TCLab and Pandas DataFrames Q10 HW10CL10
13 Debugging Q11 HW11CL11
14 File I/O and Data Analysis Q12 HW12CL12
15 Python Mid-Term Exam 1 ReviewCLR
16 Classes Q13 HW13CL13
17 Solve linear and nonlinear equations Q14 HW14CL14
18 Integrals, Interpolation, Regression Q15 HW15CL15
19 Differential Equations Q16 HW16CL16
20 Symbolic Derivatives Q17 HW17CL17
21 Course Project A TCLab ACLA
22 Python Mid-Term Exam 2 ReviewCLR
23 Course Project B TCLab BCLB
24 Course Project C TCLab CCLC
Final Final Exam