Quiz on Multi-Scale Simulation and Optimization

1. For which of these situations could simulation be helpful?

A. Testing new methods to automate paths for UAV (drones) flight
Incorrect. D. All are correct
B. Preparing safety measures for a meltdown in a nuclear reactor
Incorrect. D. All are correct
C. Trial runs of a new control system for a large factory
Incorrect. D. All are correct
D. All of the above
Correct. Simulation is a way to test processes and control systems before they are implemented. For some scenarios, such as safety systems, the simulation provides important validation.

2. What is the most widely used multivariable control strategy used in industry

A. Interacting PID loops
Incorrect. Interacting PID control loops are one way to deal with multi-variate processes. However, it is not applicable to complex systems. Model Predictive Control is the most common multivariate control strategy.
B. Estimation
Incorrect. Model Predictive Control
C. Model Predictive Control
D. Optimization
Incorrect. Model Predictive Control

3. Which of the following falls under the category of process scheduling?

A. Organizing long term supply contracts for minimum cost
Incorrect. This is supply chain management
B. Planning a specific maintenance to a factory to minimize or eliminate down time
Correct. This fits best in the category of process scheduling.
C. Sizing a reactor for max output speed
Incorrect. This is process design
D. Real-time optimization of a plant based on hourly energy demand
Incorrect. Real-time optimization is a steady-state process model with an economic objective function. It is commonly applied in chemical plants and refineries.