APM.DIAGLEVEL - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 0
 Description: Diagnostic level
              2=file checkpoints
              4=diagnostic files
              5=check 1st derivatives
              6=check 1st and 2nd derivatives

DIAGLEVEL is the diagnostic level for an application. With higher levels, it is used to give increasingly greater detail about the model compilation, validation, and traceability of information. At level 0, there is minimal information reported that typically includes a summary of the problem and the solver output. At level 1, there are more information messages and timing information for the different parts of the program execution. At level 2, there are diagnostic files created at every major step of the program execution. A diagnostic level of >=2 slows down the application because of increased file input and output, validation steps, and reports on problem structure. Additional diagnostic files are created at level 4. The analytic 1st derivatives are verified with finite differences at level 5 and analytic 2nd derivatives are verified with finite differences at level 6. The DIAGLEVEL is also sent to the solver to indicate a desire for more verbose output as the level is increased. Some solvers do not support increased output as the diagnostic level is increased. A diagnostic level up to 10 is allowed.