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See also [[Main/OptionApmCsvRead|CSV_READ]], [[Main/OptionApmCsvWrite|CSV_WRITE]], [[Main/OptionApmDbsLevel|DBS_LEVEL]], [[Main/OptionApmDbsWrite|DBS_WRITE]]
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(:title APM.DBS_READ - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords APM.DBS_READ, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Database read: 0=OFF, 1={Name = Value, Status}, 2={Name = Value, Status, Units}:)


 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 1
 Description: Database read
              1={Name = Value, Status}
              2={Name = Value, Status, Units}

DBS_READ specifies when to read the input DBS files with 0=OFF, 1=Read values with Units, and 2=Read values without Units. There are several text file database (DBS) files that are read at the start of an application for both configuring the problem as well as reading in measurements. The DBS files are skipped when DBS_READ=0 except for header parameters. The DBS files are read in the order of defaults.dbs, {problem name}.dbs, measurements.dbs (source is replay.csv when REPLAY>=1), and overrides.dbs. The overrides.dbs file contains options set by clients using the apm_option function. The measurements.dbs file contains options set by clients using the apm_meas function. The DBS files may be need to be skipped to re-initialize an application without feedback from the process.