APM.CTRL_HOR - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input or Output (with CSV read)
 Default Value: 1
 Description: Control horizon is the horizon length where MVs
              can be adjusted by the solver

CTRL_HOR is the control horizon in the beginning portion of the time horizon where MV changes are allowed. There is also a PRED_HOR (prediction horizon) that is greater than or equal to CTRL_HOR. As opposed to CTRL_HOR, no manipulated variable movement is allowed in the prediction horizon. The individual size of time steps of the control horizon are set with CTRL_TIME. The individual size of time steps of the prediction horizon are set with PRED_TIME. The PRED_TIME is generally larger than the CTRL_TIME to give a section of the overall horizon that predicts steady state arrival to the set point. When CSV_READ is on and the horizon time points are specified from the data file, the CTRL_HOR and PRED_HOR are set equal to the number of time steps present in the data file.