ChE 436: Simulation Labs

Lab 2: Simulated System

The second lab is a virtual system that can be investigated through numerical simulation. The purpose of this lab is to apply more advanced topics that integrate the course material but do not have some of the limitations of physical systems.

Project 1: Heated Rod Temperature Control

Project 2: Deployable Nuclear Reactor for Disaster Relief

Project 3: Minimizing Anti-viral use in HIV Control

Project 4: Distillation Control

Project 5: Control of a Reservoir Network

Project 6: Friction Stir Welding

Project 7: Smart-Grid Energy Storage

Project 8: Automated Pressure Control During Drilling

Other Student Control Projects

5 Steps to Begin a Technical Presentation

Students have an opportunity with the second lab to share a brief presentation on their project. Below are 5 steps for beginning a technical presentation.