Temperature Control

This lab is an application of feedback control for a temperature control device. Complete instructions are available below in the temperature control lab description. The lab can be run on computers in the UO Lab and kits are available for temporary use.

Students have an opportunity to use this lab throughout the semester to learn principles of system dynamics and control. In particular, this lab reinforces:

  • The difference between manual and automatic control
  • Step tests to generate dynamic data
  • Fitting dynamic data to build a simple First Order Plus Deadtime (FOPDT) model
  • Obtaining parameters for a PID control from standard tuning rules
  • Tuning the PID controller to improve performance
  • Stability analysis
  • Dynamic modeling with first principles
  • Dynamic data reconciliation
  • Model Predictive Control

The three important elements for a control loop are the measurement device (thermistor), an actuator (voltage), and capability to perform computerized control (USB interface).

Fundamental Model Derivation Help Session

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