Lecture 22 - More Complex Systems

Lecture 22 covers the development, analysis, and solution of more complex systems. An important tool in the analysis of complex systems is a plot of the poles and zeros on Real-Imaginary axes. Later, we'll show them graphically on a Root-Locus plot to see how they change with increasing controller gain (Kc).


  1. Course reading for next class: None
  2. Assignment due by the start of Lecture #23: 6.2, 6.7 from PDC

Homework hints are given here. On 6.7 I've changed the problem on part b.

PDC 6.7b

  1. Get time-domain solution for P_m(t) in terms of K, zeta, and tau.
  2. Use solver in Excel to perform least squares fit using K, zeta, and tau as variables.
  3. Plot to see goodness of fit.

Don't forget to write the purpose at the beginning of each homework problem. This will help you think about each problem in the context of the overall course objectives.

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