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See also [[|Estimation Objective Tuning]]
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(:title MEAS_GAP - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords MEAS_GAP, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Deadband for noise rejection of measurements in MHE:)


 Type: Floating Point, Input
 Default Value: 1.0
 Description: Deadband for noise rejection of measurements
              in MHE

Used in estimation problems with APM.EV_TYPE=1 (l1-norm objective). The measurement gap (MEAS_GAP) defines a dead-band region around the measurement. If the model prediction is within that dead-band, there is no objective function penalty. Outside of that region, there is a linear penalty specified with the WMEAS parameter. The WMODEL parameter is the weighting given to deviation from the prior model prediction but does not have a deadband around the prior model prediction. The gap is only around the measured values.