MATLAB Dynamic Optimization Toolbox

MATLAB offers a convenient way to access the latest release of APMonitor. The optimization problem is sent to the APMonitor server and results are returned to MATLAB local variables and a web interface. Example applications of nonlinear models with differential and algebraic equations are available for download below or from the following GitHub repository.
 git clone git://
APM MATLAB with Demo Applications on GitHub

Download APM MATLAB Libraries

The latest APM MATLAB libraries are attached below. Functionality has been tested with the latest release of MATLAB.

APM MATLAB (version 0.7.2) - Released 25 Jan 2017

Nonlinear Programming with MATLAB

Hock-Schittkowsky Test Suite #71

CSTR: Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

The APM solution is compared to the ODE15s built-in integrator in MATLAB. Unlike ODE15s, APMonitor allows higher-index DAEs and open-equation format. APMonitor is also a simultaneous equation solver that transforms the differential equations into a Nonlinear Programming (NLP) form. This allows efficient optimization, even for large-scale models.

NLC: Nonlinear Control with MATLAB

In another example, the dynamic simulation and control technologies are demonstrated with a simple lag model. The model is composed of one differential equation and one algebraic equation. This model is used as a tutorial to demonstrate the control technology features.

This model demonstrates a simulated step change and two controlled step changes. Two different controlled variable error models are compared. At the end of the simulation, a browser window opens to allow the user to view the solution through the web-interface.

Tutorial on Dynamic Simulation

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