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Lecture 1 - Introduction to Process Dynamics and Control

Welcome to Process Dynamics and Control course. Below are the lecture notes for the first class period.

Lecture 1 Class Notes

Preparation for next class

  1. Review the list of competencies (here) and make a mental note of which ones you have already mastered.
  2. Be prepared to discuss examples of controllers around you. For each system that you can identify, make a mental note of the following characteristics of that system:
    1. CV - Controlled variable: what is it trying to maintain, optimize, or control?
    2. MV - Manipulated variable: what is it changing to achieve the control objective?
    3. Disturbances: what may cause the controlled variable to deviate from the desired target?
  3. A control loop consists of:
    1. actuator (takes action)
    2. sensor (measures)
    3. controller (computes)

Python Introduction and Review

1. Python Intro
2. Python If Else
3. Python Functions
4. Python Loops

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