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Main: Overview of Mathcad Topics

Below is a summary of Mathcad topics that are covered in individual lessons. The lessons are designed to be a hands-on experience with a cycle of: instructor describes technique, instructor demonstrates the technique, and students practice with an example problem. The worksheets are available in Mathcad 15 as well as in PDF form. The worksheets are available with student copies that are partially filled out as well as the solution to the exercises.

Exam Preparation

Review key concepts:

How to prepare for the exam (use the strategy that works best for you):

  1. Go over the summary of topics and rank areas that you are comfortable with and areas that you are less comfortable with.
  2. Look over homework problems, try to redo problems that were missed. Go through the motions of completing the homework problems.
  3. Look over the demo/demo solutions try to redo these demos. Do extra problems that we didn’t get to.
  4. Do Extra Practice Problems

You only have so much time to study for the exam, plan out when and what you will study.

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